Tom Biddle


Tom biddle
Tom joined CBPE in 2013 and is a member of the Investment Committee. Tom has been involved with a variety of investments since joining, but has a particular focus on businesses in the consumer and leisure sector. Tom led CBPE’s investment in ABI.

Tom began his career at Deloitte, where he qualified as a chartered accountant in 2007. He then joined Close Brothers Corporate Finance where he worked for four years and advised a wide range of both public and private companies. Tom then moved into private equity, joining LGV Capital, where he spent two years working on buyouts in the UK mid-market before becoming part of our team. Tom holds a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Bristol and an MA in European Business from the University of London.

Selected investments


Sector: Industrials

Date of investment: May 2016

Location: Beverley

Company website:

CBPE contact: Tom Biddle

Rodericks Logo


Sector: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Date of investment: Sep 2017

Location: Northampton

Company website:

CBPE contact: Anand Jain

Côte Restaurants

Sector: Consumer and Leisure

Date of investment: Sep 2013

Date of exit: Jul 2015

Return: 2.9x invested capital

CBPE contact: Ian Moore