Sean Dinnen

Managing Partner

Sean joined CBPE in 1999. He is highly experienced in all aspects of private equity and has overall responsibility for our investment activities. Sean chairs our Investment Committee.

Sean has led several investments for CBPE across a wide range of sectors and has been particularly involved with the consumer and leisure, and healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. His expertise has been invaluable in successful deals including Minova, Idis, The Original Bowling Company, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals and Park Resorts.

Sean has worked in private equity all his career, including roles at Royal Bank Development Capital and 3i prior to joining CBPE. He has a degree in PPE from Oxford University.

Selected investments

The Original Bowling Company

Sector: Consumer and Leisure

Date of investment: Aug 2010

Date of exit: Sep 2014

Return: 2.4x MoC

CBPE contact: Sean Dinnen


Sector: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Date of investment: Sep 2005

Date of exit: Apr 2015

Return: 22.0x MoC

CBPE contact: Sean Dinnen


Sector: Industrials

Date of investment: Apr 2003

Date of exit: Oct 2006

Return: 17.4x invested capital

CBPE contact: Sean Dinnen