Flexible capital for high growth businesses

We focus on ‘technology enabled’ opportunities that enhance existing business practices, driving adoption and increasing the addressable markets of the products and services. Our key investment themes include, but are not limited to:

Information platforms and data exchanges – B2B data providers create operational efficiencies with their product/service application, enabling better decision making via technology. We look for businesses with recurring revenues, ‘mission critical’ positions in the customer value chain, low pricing pressure and good rates of customer attrition.

Software systems and platforms – We aim to invest in a wide variety of software businesses, including workflow tools, data management, and system providers. We back both traditional enterprise businesses and SaaS offerings.

Online marketplaces – Platforms, exchanges, and aggregators are able to connect multiple customers with fragmented suppliers. We believe that these opportunities are well positioned to benefit from continued online channel shift, increasing internet penetration, and the consolidation of buying power. We look for defensible scale, control of the customer relationship, and an ability to generate fees on both the customer and supplier side.

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