High value, niche manufacturing and components driven by innovation, reliability and sustainability

We focus on backing strong management teams operating within market leading businesses. Qualities we look for in businesses within the industrial sector include innovation, reliability and sustainability.

A flight to quality means customers recognise and value these qualities in their suppliers, enabling businesses with these characteristics to flourish.

CBPE has particular expertise in working with its investments to establish independent businesses out of previous corporate subsidiaries and in providing investment capital to accelerate growth, especially in overseas territories.

Areas we are particularly interested in include, but are not limited to:

Industrial technology including performance materials and test and measurement – OEM’s are continually looking to increase the specification or demonstrate the durability and quality of their products. Manufacturers focused on evolving technology are thriving.

Niche manufacturing, component suppliers and industrial electronics – Niche manufacturing and components often involves highly engineered and durable products that can survive in extreme operating conditions. The high specification and critical nature of these products enable manufacturers to target markets on a global basis.

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