Park Resorts

The UK’s second-largest caravan park group

Park Resorts was created when CBPE purchased 12 coastal caravan parks from Bourne Leisure in May 2001, in partnership with a management team led by David Vaughan.  Together with management, CBPE pursued a capital investment programme to upgrade and redevelop the portfolio of parks and acquired a further four parks to expand the business.

In December 2004, Park Resorts was sold to ABN Amro for £165 million. The transaction merged Park Resorts with GB Holiday Parks to create the UK’s second-largest caravan park group, retaining the name Park Resorts.

CBPE retained a residual investment in the enlarged group, which enjoyed further growth.  CBPE fully realised its investment in Park Resorts in March 2007 in a £440m sale to GI Partners, which returned 8.8x the cost of the investment.


Investment date
Realisation date
Money multiple
  • Business

    Caravan park operator

  • Location

    Hemel Hempstead

  • Sector

    Consumer and Leisure