Our approach

We develop strategies, bring ideas and provide hands-on support to drive success. We work with inspiring businesses and through this approach, we equip and inspire them to achieve so much more.

Our unequalled and consistent track record speaks for itself. However, in a sector of similar sounding promises, it’s our approach that defines us. This means drawing on everything we've learnt from supporting almost 60 different companies across five funds since 2000. We have an in-depth knowledge of the sectors we focus on. How we work with you will depend on your circumstances, challenges and opportunities, as well as your ambitions. So whether you're looking to carve out a business from a parent company, expand through acquisition or by moving into new markets, or to achieve something entirely different that's pertinent to your business and yours alone, we have the people, the expertise and the experience to help.

Our expertise

We’ll never claim to know more about your world than you, but we have built our expertise through years of working with companies in six key sectors.