CBPE Capital has been an active private equity investor for 30 years.


Our established presence in the UK mid-market has allowed us to develop significant experience and a deep network of relationships across a wide range of industrial sectors.

CBPE Capital, formerly known as Close Brothers Private Equity, was founded in 1984 as part of Close Brothers Group. In the early years between 1984 and 2000, the business raised and managed a series of five funds. These early funds were focused on lower mid-market, UK businesses with an enterprise value of up to £25 million.

In 2000 Close Brothers Private Equity raised a £200 million fund, CBPE Capital VI. This was the first time the business had raised from a broad investor base and included international investors. The larger fund size allowed Close Brothers Private Equity to invest in slightly larger businesses, many of which although UK-headquartered had a significant international presence. CBPE Capital VI was an extremely successful fund which has been fully realised.

In 2004, we raised our seventh, £360 million fund (CBPE Capital VII). The Fund continued the strategy of CBPE Capital VI and was invested in 12 companies.  CBPE Capital VII is now fully realised.

In 2008 we completed our own management buyout to become independent of our former parent, Close Brothers Group, and re-branded as CBPE Capital LLP. The business is now entirely owned by its management team.

In 2010 our eighth fund, CBPE Capital VIII, closed on capital commitments of £405 million. The Fund has been invested in 13 companies of which four are unrealised.

In August 2016 we completed the fundraising for our latest fund, CBPE Capital IX, which closed on capital commitments of £459 million.  We have to date completed five investments from the Fund, which will invest primarily in UK-headquartered businesses with enterprise values of between £25 million and £150 million.